RBdigital Audiobooks Moving to OverDrive / Libby

RBdigital Audiobooks have Moved to OverDrive / Libby

The RBdigital audiobook collection has now been moved to OverDrive's Libby and OverDrive apps. You’ll still be able to enjoy all the same great audiobooks, but you’ll need to use Libby or OverDrive to access them.

What happens to my currently borrowed audiobooks?

Any audiobooks currently checked out in the RBdigital app will be available through the remainder of the lending period. You can finish listening without disruption or risk of losing your place, using the RBdigital app.

What about my holds, wish list, and past checkouts?

These  were not moved. You can place holds on titles again in OverDrive/Libby, and recreate your wish list using tags in Libby or selecting the ribbon icon in OverDrive. If you want a record of your RBdigital checkouts, you can export your Transaction History from the Profiles section of the RBdigital app.

  1. Go to the RBdigital website at https://scclca.rbdigital.com/.
  2. Click the menu on the upper left-hand corner (hamburger icon)
  3. Click on “My Account”
  4. Click on “Profiles”
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the link “Export My Transaction History.” This will enable you to download an Excel spreadsheet of all your checkouts, holds, as well as items you’ve placed on your wish list from the date you first established an RBdigital.com account.

What’s next?

If you are new to OverDrive, download the Libby app to enjoy thousands of free eBooks and audiobooks. Browse, borrow, place holds, read, and listen within the app. Check out the Library’s eBooks & eContent guides as well as this Libby Help page created by OverDrive. Our Online Library is available to you 24/7 without needing to leave your home.

Still have questions?

Check out this expanded FAQ list created by OverDrive for more information about the transition. You can also contact our Online Library Support for assistance, or call our librarian team at (408) 540-3947 for assistance (phone call hours: Monday through Saturday from 10am-6pm).

SimplyE Users

Our OverDrive audiobook collection is now discoverable within the SimplyE app! The RBdigital audiobook collection within the SimplyE app is in the process of being removed. You will still be able to listen to your RBdigital items that you checked out through SimplyE prior to September 16, 2020.  No new checkouts/renewals/holds on RBdigital copies will be possible on or after September 16, 2020. You will need to checkout or place holds on OverDrive copies of audiobooks for which you had had holds on RBdigital copies.

Should we gain any further information about the transition from the vendor, we will update this page with the latest information.

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