Thanksgiving Gobble Gobble Good Storytime, No. 15

Thanksgving is a gobble, gobble good time to have with family and STORYTIME with the Storytime Seedlings Podcast.  

1. Listen to the Podcast - Episode 15 - Thanksgiving and Families - Storytime Seedlings 

2. Picture Books  

The Thankful Book

One Family

Over the River and Through the Wood

E-Book: One Family

3. Thanksgiving and Families - Fingerplays and Songs

Mr. Turkey

I have a turkey, big and fat.
(Make a fist with one hand-thumb out for turkey's head) 

 He spreads his tail and walks like that.
(Open your fingers and wobble your hand)  

His daily corn he would not miss.
(Poke with thumb at floor)  

And when he talks,
it sounds like this:

(wiggle thumb)

Some Families 

 Some families are large
(spread arms out wide

Some families are small
(bring arms close together

But I love my family
(cross arms over chest)

best of all! 

4. Early Literacy Tip: 

Pre-Literacy Tip—Cognition and General Knowledge—The World We Live In—Physical and Social

Thanksgiving is a sweet time to cook with your child, such as letting them pour in the (premeasured) flour or to stir the cake batter or spoon the cookie dough onto the cookie pan, something that is appropriate to their age and ability. When you cook with your child, talk about what you are doing to help him or her to understand all the steps involved.  Such experiences serve children well when they try to understand the world around them.    And, these time make for marvelous memories to cherish, too.

                                   See you at Storytime, Lauren


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