Safari Tech eBooks Will Become O’Reilly for Public Libraries

On December 31, 2020 our Safari Tech eBook collection will be migrated to a new platform. The new platform is called O’Reilly for Public Libraries and the content available reflects the company’s large collection of tech titles, which they are known to publish every year.

On the new platform you will be able to enjoy additional content not previously available:

  • Videos (30K+ hours) (Discover videos on a variety of tech topics. Videos available are of varying lengths and you will even find videos from the tech conferences produced by O’Reilly Media)
  • Books (40K+ titles with content from 200+ publishers in the sector of business and technology. Bonus content: Enjoy access to early releases for titles published by O’Reilly Media.)
  • Resource Centers (Curated by the O’Reilly editors, Resource Centers contain lists of selected books, book chapters, videos, and video clips.)
  • Learning Paths (Follow along a group of content arranged from beginner to expert on a particular topic.)
  • Case Studies (Learn from key players and top companies as they describe the problems they faced; how they worked to overcome them, and what the results were, or how they met the challenge of new opportunities.)
  • Playlists (Put together by industry experts, playlists are handpicked lists of books and videos.)

This collection is also discoverable in our online catalog.

There’s no app for the library subscription of this collection. The platform performs very well on mobile devices using the mobile device browser.

To access the new platform, please visit 

For more information about the collection, please visit our FAQs.