Our Favorite Movies and Music of 2022

The Movies and Music Topic Team picked our favorite releases in music and movies of the past year.

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Here are the highlights of the Best Music releases.

Harry Styles keeps getting better, and this latest project combines so many musical elements to create a well-rounded album that I can't stop listening to! -Sarah Harry's House? More like Harry's World, and I'm just having fun getting lost in it. -Adrienne

Although we don't have castrati these days (thank goodness), we can come close to their sublime and heavenly sound with the voice of newest sensation, countertenor Jakub Orlinski - Debra

A beautiful, otherworldly soundscape exploring grief, isolation and reconnecting to the earth. Bjork's 10th album is as inspired as her earlier releases, her sound always evolving beautifully and organically. -Diana

Released within the first few days of 2022 in the midst of the uncertainty caused by the ongoing pandemic which continued to grip our collective attention, Dawn FM beckons listeners to ruminate on subjects related to mortality, social and moral responsibilities, and much more. I invite you to listen to it in its entirety and form your own opinion about its artistic value. I, for one, think its influence will last me a lifetime as I continue to revisit and interpret its wonderful messages which simultaneously center upon the universal yet also deeply personal aspects of life. -Juan

I remember learning about Cecile McLorin Salvant from an interview by Terry Gross on NPR. She was just learning jazz, the history and foundation of the music. Now, with this album she has become a big part of the history of jazz. Her voice is clear, sharp and full of emotion. On this album we are treated to her song writing skills as well. The title song Ghost Song is fantastic. Also deeply moving are Wuthering Heights and I Lost My Mind. She is a joy to listen to. Her Grammy nomination is richly deserved. - Terye 

Here are the highlights of the Best DVD/Blu-ray releases.

This film is pretty polarizing: it seems people loved it or hated it. I'm one of those who loved it. This was a slow, slow burn that tells the story of a rivalry between brothers, the struggle that some of us feel to be who we are, and the consequences of unrelenting torment. Jonny Greenwood provides a striking, atmospheric soundtrack. There's a reason this one received an astonishing 12 Academy Award nominations, and garnered director Jane Campion's second Oscar, this time for Best Director. - Anne

An abandoned child raises herself in the marshlands of the south in the 1950's. She is known as the Marsh-girl and as she comes of age she is somehow in the center of a murder mystery. This film thoroughly captivated me and was one of my favorites of 2022. ~Diane

Abbott Elementary manages to be hilarious with its eyes wide open at the serious problems facing public schools. The cast is fantastic, led by the excellent writing and funny performance of series creator, Quinta Brunson (who is excellent at everything she is doing here) other highlights are the Emmy winning work of Sheryl Lee Ralph as a master teacher and the incredibly funny Janelle James as a corrupt principal. This series is a gem. ~Don

I loved Robert Pattinson's Batman and the use of Nirvana's Something in the Way. -RL

At its core, this movie is about a difficult mother and daughter relationship. It just happens to be set in the multiverse! I laughed, I gasped, and I cried. This is one of the weirdest and most wonderful movies I've ever watched. -Sarah
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