Optical Illusions Program-See on SCCLD Facebook

If you are interested in doing some optical illusions, click on Optical Illusions-You Can't Believe Your Eyes! for the STEAM Club video on SCCLD Facebook.  

After we learn a little about how optical illusions work, we will do some experiments and make some of our own illusions.  This is a hands-on program that you can do at home along with me during the broadcast!  Here is a list of supplies you may want to have on hand during this program!

Supplies for First Experiments:

Clear Water Glass Pitcher with Water Unsharpened Pencil Penny Small Saucer Paper with Stripes (can make by hand) Paper with One Arrow (2 inches from bottom) Paper with Two Arrows (2 inches & 6 inches from bottom)

Supplies for Second Experiments:

Paper Markers Ruler Cardstock, Index Card, or Recycled Cereal Box (3 1/2" X 8 1/2") Straws Tape Old CDs Pencil Glue Marble (optional)

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Where can you find books about optical illusions?  The following book list of Optical Illusions includes optical illusion experiments, picture books that may trick your brain, and picture books in which animals have different perspectives of the same object.

Optical Illusions-Books that Trick Your Brain


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