Nonfinancial Retirement Planning – Virtual Program 10/12

What is nonfinancial retirement planning? Financial advisors call it “the most overlooked part of retirement planning.” Your retirement could last 30 years. Beyond money, how will you invest your time? Learn about new work options, engaging leisure and volunteering, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, building a personal legacy and more at our virtual Nonfinancial Retirement Planning workshop!

The workshop will be lead by Lyn Christenson, nonfinancial retirement coach, and will take place via Zoom on October 12th from 11am - 12 pm.

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And while you're waiting, get started thinking about retirement with the books on this booklist:

Nonfinancial Retirement Planning

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The books on this list can help you consider the nonfinancial side of retirement planning and the ways you might want your life to change and unfold!

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