March Book of the Month – You’ve Reached Sam

You've Reached Sam

Grades 9+

304 Pages

High school sweethearts, Julie and Sam, are planning for an exciting future together. College, jobs, and bright days all lie ahead for the couple. But, all their dreams are shattered when Sam is killed in an auto accident, leaving Julie alone in the depths of agony and despair.

Julie feels it’s best to heal her broken heart by forgetting Sam and chooses not to attend his funeral or memorial services. She tries to move on by throwing away all the gifts Sam got her, along with anything that reminds her of her former boyfriend. Then, one day as Julie goes to throw away the phone she used to talk to Sam on, she dials his number and is shocked when his voice answers. Even though Sam is deceased, the two are able to communicate through the magical phones. As time passes, and the couple continues to communicate, Julie is pulled deeper into the relationship that once made her so happy, and at the same time, pulls away from her family and friends who aim to comfort and help her.

Will Julie ever be able to face her grief and accept the death of her true love? Grab a box of Kleenex, because this is one tearjerker you will need them for.

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