It’s Adult Storytime!

Following social distancing protocol means we will be home more than usual, meaning plenty of time to catch up with the books on our "For Later" shelf. But where to begin?

Listen to the two videos below for your very own storytime sampler-platter, in which an actor and an author read aloud. If you enjoy what you hear, you can download the book from the library, all from home!

To start off, here is a reading from Andrzej Sapkowski's The Last Wish by Henry Cavill. Get a taste for the text and escape into a fantasy world for the next few minutes, as you listen to the Witcher reading The Witcher:

Hooked yet? Check out our downloadable copies of The Witcher books here. Already read the whole series or still on hold for them? Check out this booklist: So You've Binged The Witcher Twice Already.

Andrzej Sapkowski isn't the only one with a fantastical collection of short stories. Watch this video to hear Neil Gaiman read a story from his very own Norse Mythology:

Loki may not have been the star of that story, but the God of Mischief appears throughout Norse Mythology. As a character, he has been portrayed in roles that range from anti-hero to villain, and if you find yourself looking forward to his scenes in the recent Marvel movies, check out the books in this booklist: When the Villain is Your Favorite Character.

Happy reading and stay safe, everyone!