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Skillsoft is a collection of ebooks, video tutorials, and online learning courses for computer and information technology topics and tools. Learn career and office skills such as how to use various software, design apps, computer programming, analytics, and more! Skillsoft also offers hundreds of IT certifications, test prep, and study materials, developed in partnership with leading industry organizations. Expand your knowledge and improve your skills for computer and technology related careers and interests!

Looking to upgrade your professional skills for an I.T. career? Dive into the "IT Skills" topic and select the "Business Skills for IT Professionals" category. From there you can browse ebooks, online courses, videos, and other resources and tools, or narrow down further by sub-category. Under the "Business Analysis" sub-category, for example, you'll find reference materials such as Design Thinking For Dummies and certification study guides such as CBAP / CCBA Certified Business Analysis Study Guide, 2nd Edition. Watch 2-3 minute videos for introductions to core concepts, such as Eric McNulty's "Leading During a Crisis," or take a course for in-depth education such as "Key Business Analysis Concepts (BABOK® v3)." 

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