Get Ready for Spooktober with Universal Class!

Universal Class offers over 500 free, non-credit, continuing education online courses. But did you know they also offer classes about the supernatural, paranormal, and other unexplained mysteries? Here are some of our favorite classes to take during the spookiest month of the year!

Haunted Places: In this course you will be visiting haunted houses and taking flashlight tours through cemeteries, all in the hopes of finding a ghost or catching a supernatural thrill. Experience 15 locations from across the world that are commonly believed to be haunted. As you delve into the history of unexplained phenomena, you'll learn what makes each site unique and intriguing.

Paranormal Romance Writing: There's no need to sacrifice love when dealing with the paranormal. This course is designed to help anyone interested in writing a story that blends romance with the paranormal. Develop your ideas and learn best practices for creating characters in a cohesive world that will keep readers engaged.

Cryptozoology 101: This course offers an introduction to Cryptozoology, the study of animals that have been claimed to exist but never proven. You'll learn about various cryptid sightings, testimonies, and photographs that are presented as evidence for these strange beasts. By the end of this course. you should have enough information to decide for yourself: are these cryptids real, a myth, a hoax, or a misidentified animal?

Paranormal Investigation 101: This course offers an introduction to paranormal activities and procedures for investigating paranormal claims. Although you will learn about the different types of hauntings and paranormal entities involved, this course is focused on investigating paranormal claims. Learn practical steps for assessing claims, conducting witness interviews, researching the property, and investigating the haunting itself. 

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