Explore Investment Research Tools With Morningstar

If there is one thing that St Patrick's Day has taught us, it is to never chase rainbows for a pot of disappearing leprechaun gold. Instead, aim for solid financial planning! Morningstar is an online service for investment research, including research tools and analysis of stocks, mutual funds, ratings and reports, investment portfolios, and more.

Morningstar allows you to create your own portfolio, and research stocks and funds with an eye towards starting or improving your financial investments. Take the time to ensure your future investments are on the money by looking up stock trends and ratings.

There can be a learning curve when first jumping in to financial investments, so Morningstar has set up monthly webinars to introduce the platform. Learn how to make use of this service for your investment needs. Find upcoming webinars listed in the library event calendar at sccld.org/stock-events/ and register to learn from a Morningstar representative.

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