Create Silly Monsters On July 14 and Monster Picture Book List

Join us on Tuesday, July 14 at 3 pm on Facebook Live and create silly monsters using household materials!  Ms. Jean will demonstrate different types of silly monster you may want to make.  Use your imagination to create the craziest monster ever!  Take a photo of your work and submit it to our Art Club Photo Gallery.

Gather up any of these materials to use for your silly monster:  toilet paper tube, paper plate, paper bowl, markers, pipe cleaners, construction paper, googly eyes, pompoms, ruler, pencil, scissors, and glue sticks or Elmer's glue.

Enjoy these picture books about monsters!  This list includes some art and craft books for different ways to create monsters- draw, make origami, paint, fingerprint art!

Monsters-Not-So-Scary Books and Art Books @ SCCLD Kids

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