Obituary Research in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley

If you are researching obituaries in the Bay Area or Silicon Valley, there are a variety of selected resources at Santa Clara County Library District and on the web. Explore these additional useful resources for obituary research from other libraries and services on the web, or request help from our librarians.

Obituary Search Assistance from Santa Clara County Library District.

Additional Libraries

Index of Published Obituaries

  • Obituary Daily Times: search the growing index of published obituaries. The database has entries that give information about obituaries that appeared in publications around the world. Refer to the list of publications for publication abbreviation.

Fee-Based Service

Commercial Sites for Obituaries and Death Notices

  •, opens a new window
    You may search for someone in several newspapers simultaneously. Searching is free, but there is a fee (single article: $2.95; or monthly subscription: 100 articles every 30 days: $19.95) for viewing the obituary.
  • Obitfinder
    Searches about 200 U.S. newspapers and the Social Security Death index starting as early as February 2001. Searching is free, but there is a fee (single article: $2.95) for viewing the obituary.


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