The Best Music and Movies of 2021

The SCCLD Music and Movies Topic Team listened to a lot of music and watched a lot of movies in 2021. These are, in our opinion, the best of the best. If you would like to see more of our favorites, check out our bi-weekly feature, opens a new window for more great content! 
Here are the highlights from our favorite music from 2021, opens a new window:
An Evening with Silk Sonic by Silk Sonic, opens a new window
Super-talented super-duo Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak take us all on a funky, fantastic voyage on this album of nine impeccable R&B tracks that are impossibly fresh and retro at the same time. - Adrienne, opens a new window
Kid A Mnesia by Radiohead, opens a new window
This is a reissue of the albums "Kid A" and "Amnesiac" with a third "album" of previously unreleased material called "Kid Amnesiae." I hesitate to say this is only for diehard Radiohead fans because, really, everyone should be upping their musical game and listening to Radiohead. Key track: If You Say the Word. - Anne, opens a new window
Kôrôlén by Toumani Diabaté, opens a new window
Toumani's intimate kora sound is expanded by a wonderful collaboration with the London Symphony Orchestra. - Jeff
Let's Go Pistachio! by Kelli Welli, opens a new window
"Writing songs and stories for kids and the people who love them," Kelli Welli infuses simple ideas and feelings with silliness, sincerity, and love. Little things are a big deal in the life of young kids and she celebrates these moments with all the joy and care that they deserve. Particularly fun and rollicking are the Hat Song, Jumpin' Beans, Tonight I'll be Brushing One Less Tooth, Kickin' It With My Chicken, and We're Almost There. Modern Americana for the modern family! -Tamara, opens a new window
These are some of the top picks for Best DVD/Blu-Ray releases of 2021, opens a new window:
Judas and the Black Messiah, opens a new window
The acting is terrific in this docudrama about the rise of the Black Panther Party in Chicago, and the assassination by the FBI of its charismatic 21-year old leader Fred Hampton. Daniel Kaluuya won an Oscar for best supporting actor for the role. But LaKeith Stanfield could also have won for his role as the conflicted "Judas" informer, who infiltrated the party. - Debra
My Salinger Year, opens a new window
This movie will likely remind you of The Devil Wears Prada, but instead of the fashion world it is set in a New York literary agency office. It is a charming film that has humor and heart under its surface, and totally appealed to my bookish soul! ~ diane
Free Guy, opens a new window
I love when something fictional takes an unlikely scenario and makes it believable. In this case, the worlds of successful commercial video games and groundbreaking AI development overlap in one entertaining story. -KH