Speaking Volumes: a LALE Event with Author Bo Caldwell

Bo Caldwell is the author of the national bestseller, The Distant Land of My Father (2002), as well as City of Tranquil Light (2011). She has published short fiction in various literary journals and is a former Stegner Fellow in Creative Writing at Stanford. Thanks to the Los Altos Library Endowment (LALE) she joined us Wednesday night to discuss the topic "Why I Write," along with the importance of staying connected to the work we love, and how doing just that both challenges and sustains us. Watch Bo Caldwell's inspiring talk (and check out her books) below!

LALE's annual Speaking Volumes event allows audiences to hear from authors firsthand on a variety of topics. Learn more about LALE at their website here!

Now that you've heard the talk, it's time to read the books! You can find Bo's books, along with the titles she recommended during the event, in this book list:

Bo Caldwell Recommends

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