September is Library Card Sign Up Month!

As an adult there are so many good reasons to own a library card; you have access to unlimited reading  material and the library online databases that can provide information and entertainment for free.

But for children there are added benefits to having their own library card. Having their own card to check out books can show your child the value, pleasure and importance of reading. Children are in the process of learning who they are and what they like. A library card can encourage a child to make and explore their own reading choice without limits. They can try a book they might not normally read with no consequence. If they don't enjoy the book, they can simply return it and try another.

Signing up for a library card is a rite of passage. There are not many things a child can have that allows them the same privileges as an adult. But a library card lets a child borrow books and use the library the same as an adult. The process of checking out, caring for and returning library materials can teach responsibility and offer a sense of pride.

If your child or you have not gotten a library card yet, celebrate Library Card Sign Up Month this September and visit any one of our Santa Clara County Library Districts eight locations to apply for your free library card!

What can you do with a library card?

Look up what was happening in the world the day you were born

Find out the difference between anime and graphic novels

Learn a new language

Play a game

Stay up late watching a movie

Discover a new band

Become a hero in your own fantasy adventure game

Visit a museum


and of course find  good book to read!

Library Card Month


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