National Native American Heritage Month-November

Throughout November, discover the rich history, ceremonies, and storytelling traditions of Indigenous peoples of North America as part of National Native American Heritage Month.  Celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of the people who are the original inhabitants, explorers, and settlers of the land now called the United States.  

What are some ways to celebrate National Native American Heritage Month?

  • Did you know that more than half of the U.S. states have names that come from Native language?  See how many U.S. state names derived from Native languages you can think of.  Check your answers at the bottom of this blog post!
  • Explore Chitactac-Adams Heritage County Park in Gilroy.  The park features Uvas Creek and a wealth of cultural artifacts including bedrock mortars and petroglyphs left by the native people who occupied the area for thousands of years. Go on the self-guided interpretive walk and an interpretive shelter focusing on tribal culture.
  • See one or more of the 8 Native American Landmarks in Northern California which are Mount Diablo, Mount Shasta, Ahjumawi Lava Springs (near McArthur), Patrick's Point (near Trinidad), Medicine Lake (near McCloud), Clear Lake State Park, State Indian Museum (in Sacramento), and Wassama Round House State Historic Park (near Ahwahnee).  At the State Indian Museum, see traditional baskets, a redwood dugout canoe, ceremonial regalia, beadwork, and hunting & fishing tools - some of which are more than twenty-four hundred years old.
  • Browse Native American Films for free through Kanopy offered through SCCLD. After logging in to Kanopy, type in "Native American" under search (in upper left).

  • Explore All My Relations podcast.  On each episode, Matika Wilbur (Tulalip and Swinomish) and Adrienne Keene (Cherokee Nation) delve into a different topic facing Native peoples today, bringing in guests from all over Indian Country to offer perspectives and stories.
  • Delve into some books to learn more about Native and Indigenous communities, cultures, and history with these book lists for adults, teens, and children:
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Indigenous Voices Reads for Teens @ SCCLD

This book list features fiction titles by and/or about Native American, American Indian, Indigenous, and First Nations authors and characters.

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National Native American Heritage Month-Books for Children

Explore these picture books and non-fiction books to learn more about Native American history and traditions.

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ANSWER to the 27 state names that are derived from American Indian languages:  Alabama (Choctaw), Alaska (Aleut), Arizona (O’odham), Arkansas (Illinois), Connecticut (Algonquian), Hawaii (from the indigenous language of Hawai’i), Idaho (Apache), Illinois (Algonquian language group, probably Miami), Iowa (Dakota), Kansas (Kansas), Kentucky (Seneca), Massachusetts (Narragansett), Michigan (Ottawa), Minnesota (Dakota), Mississippi (Ojibwe), Missouri (Missouri), Nebraska (Chiwere), New Mexico (Nahuatl), North and South Dakota (Dakota), Ohio (Seneca), Oklahoma (Choctaw), Tennessee (Cherokee), Texas (Caddo), Utah (Apache), Wisconsin (Miami), and Wyoming (Lenape).