Explore the Creative Process Through Intuitive Painting

Do you like to experiment with new ideas, while letting your intuition take you where it wants to go? Are you a doodler who enjoys making art out of odd shapes and lines? Then give intuitive painting a try. Intuitive painting, like all art and craft making, can even help you experience what positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls a "state of flow," where you become so immersed in an activity that you forget about the ego, time, and sometimes thinking. Some people call it "the zone" and even think of it as a form of self-hypnosis. 

Consider author, artist and gentle guide Flora Bowley and her "bold and fearless" approach to painting and life that will spark your intuition. Through a process of discovery, she will lead you to making your marks with line, shape and color, and then show you how to let things happen or emerge on their own without any expectations. Like in life, she invites you to open yourself up to the new, take risks and welcome the many possibilities of the unknown. Flora believes that creativity goes beyond the idea of just "making stuff." "Creativity is a whole way of being that can enrich and enliven every aspect of our lives."

Let your intuition lead the way!

Books by Flora:

Brave Intuitive Painting-let Go, Be Bold, Unfold!

Fresh Paint

The Art of Aliveness

Creative Revolution

Books on intuitive or process painting by other authors:

Intuitive Painting Workshop

Life, Paint, and Passion

Paint Yourself Calm

And you will find an intuitive painting class by Flora and other teachers in our online video arts and crafts resource, Creativebug!