Summer 2023 Find Your Voice: Movies and Music

What bi-weekly library feature has fascinating and diverse viewing/listening picks, featured videos put together with a trivia challenge?

The Movies and Music This Week Page --- Of Course!!!

The page regularly features a wide range of picks from streaming online resources like Freegal and Kanopy to physical media available at your library.

Currently we're featuring these great picks!

Sound of Metal

A drummer with sudden severe hearing loss must come to terms with his new state of being as he struggles with losing his identity as a musician and falls back into addictive behaviors while unexpectedly finding community with people that accept him as he is.

A Doll's House

 "The door slam heard 'round the world" - the end of this play reverberates all the way from 1879 through the women's movement in the 1960s and 70s to the #MeToo movement of today. Nora Helmer, dutiful wife and mother, dominated by her father and then her husband, gradually comes to realize that her duty is foremost to herself and that she is a free individual with the right to realize her potential beyond wife and mother. Also available streaming on Kanopy.

Stand and Deliver

A well-regarded film which demonstrates what is possible when students receive support, encouragement, and mentorship. Based on the true story of mathematics teacher Jaime Escalante, this film continues to inspire students and teachers alike!

Every Voice

Kids of all ages can benefit from a healthy dose of pop-infused empowerment, with reminders that they have strong "Roots," can "Dream It Up," say "Hello Hope," and connect to "The Leader in Me," along with other great songs that round out this solid album.


Marty is used to always letting his friends and family dictate his life until he finally discovers the will to stand up for himself. 

SRC 2023- Find Your Voice

In honor of this year's Summer Reading Club theme, here are movies and TV series about characters finding their voice and speaking up for themselves and others.

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