TrueFlix: Science and Social Studies Resources for Ages 8 to 12 eBooks & Audiobooks Library Card Required.

TrueFlix is an online eBook service for children in grades 3-6 that offers nonfiction True Books and multimedia content from Scholastic to help students improve literacy skills, build knowledge of curriculum-based Science and Social Studies content, and cultivate important academic skills through the inquiry process. Content includes nonfiction and fiction eBooks, primary sources, videos, audio clips, images, and related websites. TrueFlix helps students improve literacy and critical thinking skills, and build content-area knowledge. In addition, TrueFlix helps students achieve key college and career readiness support.

TrueFlix includes:

  • 211 interactive nonfiction eBook/flipbooks
  • 211 custom introductory videos
  • Natural voice read-aloud technology
  • Over 2,000 editorially vetted websites related to the content
  • 2,229+ articles from Scholastic GO!
  • Remote access/mobile device compatible
  • 790+ Primary Sources embedded throughout the flipbooks
  • 211 word-match games
  • 211 Project ideas