Display of Giveaway Materials

In order to promote wide dissemination of information and the free exchange of ideas, the Santa Clara County Library District provide space for the display of pamphlets, flyers, newspapers, and other materials provided, at no cost to the libraries by organizations and individuals, for the public to take if they choose. These are unsolicited materials. The Library does not endorse the opinions expressed in them.

Because space is limited and varies within each library, the following priorities are used in displaying materials. The list below contains examples only; it is not inclusive.


Local Government Agency Materials

  • County Agency Materials (Library materials, voter registration forms, bus schedules, health department brochures, etc.)
  • City Materials (Parks & Recreation Department activities guide, recycling brochures, etc.)

State and Federal Government

  • State agency materials (Driver handbook, tax forms, etc.)
  • U.S. Government materials (FAFSA forms, tax forms, Armed Services recruitment pamphlets)

Educational and Cultural Materials

  • Educational & Cultural Organizations, both non-profit & for-profit (Community college schedules, community theater flyers, etc.)
  • Non-profit community service organizations, including religious organizations (YMCA, Humane Society, March of Dimes, Cancer Walk, local church choir concerts, etc.)

Campaign Material

This refers to campaign literature for local, state, or national candidates—or for ballot measures.



Maximum size and maximum quantity of giveaway materials is determined by the library, depending on available space.


Dated materials are given priority over other materials, which may be displayed on a rotating basis. Notices of events are discarded the day after the event.

Permission to display any giveaway materials must be obtained in advance from the librarian-in-charge or other designated staff member.

Santa Clara County Library District Policy #13.6

updated 1/18/2006
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