Bulletin Board Policy

The Santa Clara County Library District provides bulletin board space, where facilities permit, for information of community interest. This policy sets the guidelines used in decisions regarding the posting of notices. Because available space imposes natural restrictions, the following are priorities used in establishing the type, size and duration of posted materials.

Type of Posting

Priority will be given in the following order:

  1. Library Material: Posters, flyers, and announcements of library programs and library-related events, procedures, and news.
  2. Community Resource Information: Material providing information on resources available to the public through non-taxed or non-profit organizations. Examples: recycling centers, bar associations, information & referral, etc. (Religious and philosophical organizations are included in Priority 3 below.) Dated material will be given priority over non-dated material, which may be posted on a rotating basis.
  3. Announcements: Announcements of events and educational opportunities having substantial community impact will be posted using the following priorities:
      • Official government announcements
      • Official school district announcements
      • Cultural events
      • Educational opportunities offered by non-profit organizations
      • Education opportunities by religious, philosophical, private, or commercial organizations
      • Fund raising projects sponsored by religious, philosophical, or non-profit groups
      • Personal notices
      • Campaign material
      • Financial solicitations
      • Commercial advertising

Size of Posting

Maximum size of posters is to be determined by the library, depending on available space. Size limitations should be posted on the bulletin board.

Duration of Posting

The library will determine, based on available space, how long in advance of the listed event a flyer or notice will be posted.

The Library assumes no responsibility for returning posters.
Permission to post material on bulletin boards must be obtained from the librarian in charge or other designated staff member.

Santa Clara County Library District Policy #13.5

updated 1/18/2006
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