What is Romantasy?

The romance genre is popular throughout the world, having a vast variety of sub-genres and tropes (themes). Because of its popularity, the romance genre is the highest earning genre in fiction, making over $1.44 billion in revenue every year.  

On BookTok—a side of TikTok where people discuss books—there is a new genre called “Romantasy”. But what is Romantasy? Romantasy is the mix of the fantasy and romance genre. This new genre is full of intricate fantasy worlds, strong heroines, epic adventures, and passionate love stories.  

The most popular romantasy author is Sarah J. Maas, she has three extremely popular series: “A Court of Thorns and Roses”, “Throne of Glass”, and “Crescent City”. In January, her newest highly anticipated novel was published, "House of Flame and Shadow” the third book in the “Crescent City” series.

If you are ready to dive into Romantasy, we recommend Maas books or our book recommendations below:

Fourth Wing

The Serpent & the Wings of Night

Divine Rivals

The Hurricane Wars

King of Battle and Blood

From Blood and Ash