November Teen Book of the Month

Burn by Patrick Ness

371 pgs. Gr. 9+

How does the world end? It ends in fire.
It’s early 1957 and Sarah Dewhurst's father is struggling to hold on to the family farm. He just hired a dragon to help clear the fields, something only the poorest will do and something that does not help their standing as outcasts in their rural community.
Even though she was told not to interact with the dragon, Sarah can’t help herself. There is more to this dragon than meets the eye. How does he know her name? How come he interferes when the racist deputy is trying to get bi-racial Sarah and Japanese-American Jason into trouble?
But this dragon is not just an ordinary dragon. This dragon knows the prophecy. The prophecy about the end of world, involving a cult of dragon worshippers, two FBI agents – and Sarah Dewhurst. 

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