January Teen Book of the Month – Gwen & Art Are Not in Love

Gwen & Art Are Not in Love

Grades 9+

416 pages

Upon her birth, the beautiful Princess Gwendoline was betrothed to the dashing young Arthur—son of a lord, and descendant of the legendary King Arthur. It was a fairytale romance in the making: when the two came of age, they would have a splendid summer wedding at Camelot, and all of England would rejoice.

Just one problem: Prim, proper Gwen and roguish, ne’er-do-well Art have hated each other with a burning passion since they first laid eyes on one another.

Actually, two problems: During the grand tournament just weeks before their nuptials, Gwen catches Art kissing a stable boy.

Make it three problems: To reverse-blackmail Gwen, Art digs up some dirt on her (literally)—he finds her old diary containing proof that for years, she has harbored a devastating crush on Lady Bridget Leclair, the only female knight in the kingdom.

After learning each other’s secrets, Gwen and Art call a reluctant truce. They agree to put on a show for their families and the kingdom at large, pretending to have finally fallen in love… all while covering for one another as they pursue their hearts’ true desires. With Art’s help, Gwen overcomes her awkwardness and finally befriends Lady Bridget, while Art finds himself drawn to a different royal: Gwen’s studious brother (and heir to the throne), Prince Gabriel.

But with their wedding looming ever nearer, and with a civil war brewing just beyond Camelot’s ancient walls, the precarious harmony Gwen and Art have managed to build may yet crumble to dust.

Heartstopper and Red, White & Royal Blue meet A Knight’s Tale in this hilarious, heartfelt Arthurian adventure!

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