January Book of the Month

Lifestyles of Gods & Monsters

Ariadne has spent her whole life working for her family’s reality television empire. Between their scandals and their biggest hit, “The Labyrinth Contest”, they are the most powerful royals in the world. But after 10 years leading contestants to their deaths fighting a Minotaur in the labyrinth, Ariadne is beginning to tire of her family’s expectations when a new challenger appears- Theseus, the prince of Athens. Ariadne immediately falls for him, but can’t tell him the truth about the monstrous Minotaur- that he is her little brother, cursed to be half-man, half-bull.

When her father decides that a romance with Theseus will make a good “plot” for the family show, can she lie to the cameras and help him solve the Labyrinth, even if it means her brother’s death? Emily Roberson looks at the elaborate facade of both reality television and Greek mythology in this fast-paced story.

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