February Teen Book of the Month

No Accident

277 pages, Grade 9+
Content warning: Sexual Assault

Hayley Larkin is out of place. Out of place on the cheerleading squad, out of place at the popular kid’s parties, and out of place stranded on a desert island.

The day after the big game, a private school’s basketball team and cheerleaders are on their way back home via private planes. When the plane suddenly crashes, 4 cheerleaders and 4 of the men’s team are stranded on a small island in the Gulf of Mexico.

At first the teens are focused on daily survival, but the longer they go without rescue, the more tempers flare. A series of seemingly accidental incidents leads to discovery that someone is targeting various members of the group. Are they truly alone? Are they in danger? And how did their past actions lead to possible life and death encounters in their present predicament??

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Teens Read Pick of the Month


Every month the SCCLD Teen Librarians choose one book as a great read from the library's Teen collection. This is the list of the latest picks of the month.