Acceptable Forms of Proof of Address

Written address verification needs to be provided when applying for a new card, renewing an existing card, or changing an address.

The following are acceptable forms of address verification for adults (18 and over):

  • Driver's License with current address*
  • DMV I.D. Card with current address*
  • Current utility or phone bill
  • Current bank or credit card bill/statement
  • Property tax bill showing name and address
  • Current insurance card or policy showing address
  • Current car registration that shows name and address
  • Current rental agreement that shows name and address
  • Current paycheck or paystub that shows name and address
  • Current W-2 form
  • Documentation showing proof of status as a foreign exchange student
  • Report card or transcript from current school year that shows name and address

For children, we will accept any of the above, as well as the following:

  • Current, postmarked mail addressed to the child
  • Mail or property tax bill in the parent's name, if surnames match

*A DMV change of address card or the new address written on the back of the license is NOT acceptable because the library has no way of verifying the new address on file with the DMV.

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