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Virtual Reality

Explore new worlds with the Santa Clara County Library District’s
TICKET TO IMAGINATION Technology Experiences!

Discover Virtual Reality and other Tech and Science programs at
SCCLD library locations.



TICKET TO IMAGINATION is the Santa Clara County Library District's initiative to make new and exciting technologies such as virtual reality, robotics, 3D printing, and more accessible and engaging. Explore new possibilities and inspire your creativity!


TICKET TO IMAGINATION Virtual Reality Experience

Explore new worlds! Try out the Oculus Rift headset, controllers, and any one of our VR (Virtual Reality) experiences at Morgan Hill Library to discover the magic of virtual reality. This periodic VR "open house" is a FREE event and no registration is required. Keep an eye out for it on the Events Calendar! All ages are welcome but you must be at least 13 years old to participate*.

*You must be at least 13 years old to participate. All participants must sign a participation agreement and minors ages 13-17 must have a parent/legal guardian sign on their behalf. VR Experiences may cause dizziness and disorientation. Please read our Health & Safety Advisory before participating.

What VR experiences can I explore?

We are currently offering the VR experiences below on Oculus Rift, but check back as we will be adding new experiences periodically!

Oculus Dreamdeck

Dreamdeck transports you to impossible places and magical worlds.

Discovery VR

The Discovery Channel brings you DiscoveryVR taking you to new worlds like never before– from shark-infested shipwrecks to freeboarding the windiest street in the world.

First Contact

Experience the magic of ‘presence’ in VR, exploring moments that feel as real as they are fantastically impossible. Explore a magic box full of toys and a robot guide; make a new friend, then touch, tap, bounce, hold, throw things, and play together.

Face Your Fears

Face Your Fears will scare you, creep you out, or cause your jaw to drop in awe and amazement. Some of these experiences are terrifying, some fun and spooky, and some are simply mysterious!


Experience an immersive flying experience as you pilot a spaceship through a futuristic world.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Suit up as Spider-Man and see what it's like to be the world's favorite superhero. Learn the ins and outs of your brand new Stark Industries upgraded web shooters and master different web types as you race to complete fast-paced targeting trials - but you'll have to learn quickly...The Vulture is on the loose and coming for you.

Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay

In Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay, Poe Dameron's sidekick needs your help. Repair BB-8 and his astromech droid friends, each with their own unique personalities, so they can roll back into the fight against the First Order. Aboard General Leia's ship in the depths of space, you'll need to work quickly before battle breaks loose just outside the droid repair bay.

Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine

Be transported to the desert world of Tatooine, repair the iconic Milennium Falcon, and defend the plucky droid hero R2-D2 from incoming Stormtroopers in this captivating experience set after the events of Return of the Jedi.

The Walkabout

Easily teleport around to explore every inch of this large photorealist world. Look out over the ocean from a mountain top, rest in a meadow, climb on the rocks or get wet down by the shoreline. Relax and escape while listening to an all original electronic score. Get away from the real world and enjoy this digital meditation.

Thank you California State Library!

The TICKET TO IMAGINATION VR Experience is made possible through the California State Library grant. California State Library has teamed up with Oculus VR, Califa and VAR Libraries to make 100 Oculus Rift headsets and compatible computers available to 90 libraries throughout the state of California.

Are there any safety concerns?

Health & Safety Advisory

This is a virtual reality experience where you will put on a head-mounted display and interact with a virtual world.  You will be unable to see the world around you. 

For your safety, if you have any of the following conditions, you should not participate:

  • You are prone to motion sickness.
  • You have impaired balance or conditions that affect your ability to safely perform physical activities.
  • You have heart, orthopedic, or other serious medical conditions.
  • You have a pacemaker and/or other implanted medical devices.
  • You are sick or fatigued.
  • You are or may be pregnant.
  • You have a history of photosensitive seizures.
  • You have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder.

If you experience motion sickness, excessive sweating, abnormal vision, impaired balance or other discomforts, stop immediately and advise a staff member.  Do not engage in any activities that require unaffected coordination or drive a vehicle until you have fully recovered.

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