Library History



The Saratoga Library was incorporated as the fourth branch of the Santa Clara County Library. It was located in the drug store of George S. Buckley. His wife Clara Buckley was the first librarian. 


Saratoga Library moved to the Sunday School Room of the old First Christian Church on Big Basin Way. Mrs. Nell C. Emrich was appointed librarian.


A formal dedication ceremony took place for the newly constructed Saratoga Library, located on the corner of Oak Street and Los Gatos Road. The Saratoga Foothill Club and Sheldon P. Patterson raised $12,000 to build the new facility. The architect was Edward Spencer of Oakland, California. 


The library was dedicated in Patterson’s memory and remained in operation until December 1981. 


The Quito Park Library opened in Quito Village and served as a second library location in Saratoga. It remained in operation until 1978. 


The present Saratoga Library opened on Saratoga Avenue and Fruitvale. It was also designed by Mr. Spencer.


The Friends of the Saratoga Library took over the former library building that was located on the corner of Oak Street and Los Gatos Road to run the Book-Go-Round.


Celebrations were held for the newly remodeled and expanded 48,000 square foot library.