Maclean’s Magazine (1905-2015 & Current) Library Card Required.

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Maclean’s is a leading Canadian news and general interest magazine. Providing a unique perspective on national and international news and culture, the magazine covers investigative reporting, opinion and analysis on politics, economics, technology and more.

During World War I, the magazine published first-hand accounts of life on the western front while remaining critical of Canada’s war efforts.

The magazine also provided literary pieces and artistic expressions and ran fiction by Robert W. Service, Lucy Maud Montgomery, and O. Henry. It provided commentary by Stephen Leacock and illustrations by C. W. Jefferys, F. S. Coburn, and several Group of Seven members, including A. J. Casson, Arthur Lismer, and J. E. H. MacDonald.

During and shortly after World War II, the magazine featured war photography by Yousuf Karsh, and articles by war correspondents John Clare and Lionel Shapiro.

During the 1950s the magazine was noted for its articles on the Canadian landscape and profiles of town and city life. The feature article, The Mysterious North, by Pierre Berton, promoted a new national interest in the Arctic. In addition the magazine provided exposés that challenged the criminal justice system, explored LSD, and artificial insemination.

In the 1970s the magazine became well known for Allan Fotheringham’s column that was printed on the back page of the magazine. Legend has it that most readers would go to read the back page first, and then proceed to read the magazine from back to front.