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May 25 - May 31: Movies and Music This week

Every week each of our Movies and Music Library Team will be bringing you the best of what we're watching and listening to so you can enjoy it too.
Learn Something New

Anne's Picks

From Kanopy:

While you're stuck inside, why not learn about great masterpieces of the ancient world? Travel through history with this series from The Great Courses and learn about life and perspectives as told through art.

I'm looking forward to warm nights and eating outside on my patio. The Great Courses offers you pro tips and instruction on making the most of your outdoor cooking endeavors.

Finally, maybe you're spending your time inside playing games. Work towards becoming a better Scrabble, Boggle, or Bananagrams player with these videos that give you insight into building a better vocabulary. Pretty soon you'll be the most sesquipedalian person around!

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Terye's Picks

I learned not a new thing but rather an old thing, I learned about the United States through song...

On Alexander Street I found myself wandering over to Smithsonian Global Sound For Libraries, a virtual encyclopedia of the world's musical and aural traditions.

American Revolutionary War Songs to Cultivate Sensations of Freedom - Here you will find songs of the that war, as well as letters from that time.

Woody at 100 : The Woody Guthrie Centennial Collection. From the era of the Great Depression, and the years leading to World War I. You get a true feeling of the hardships of the time, and of the hope and love that Woody Guthrie had for America, as you listen to him sing This Land is Your Land.

Pete Seeger Sings and Answers Questions. This is the recording of a 1967 performance of Pete Seeger where he sang and spoke of issues of the day. He also answered questions posed to him regarding the unease in the country at the time.

This Land is Your Land, Written by Woody Guthrie as patriotic homage to the land of his birth, and her highest ideals. Sung by Elizabeth Mitchell.

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Jeff's Picks

Check out Creativebug and learn simple animation using your smartphone or iPad in Thayer Allyson Gowdy’s instructional video: How to Make a Stop Motion Video.

The Great Courses series, available to library cardholders through RB Digital and Kanopy, has a number of courses for people interested in music or movies.

Robert Greenberg has several audio courses including How to Listen to and Understand Great Music which focuses on western Classical music, as does his series Great Masters which goes into depth on the great composers such as Hayden, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Mahler, Brahms and the Schumanns. His 24 part video series Music as a Mirror to History is very informative in its linking of music to the history of nations. Other music related courses include Learning to Play the Guitar, The Great Works of Sacred Music, Great Music of the Twentieth Century and Music and the Brain.

The series How to View and Appreciate Great Movies by Eric R Wiliams examines all aspects of moviemaking to give insight into the art and craft of the motion picture. The Art of Screenwriting 101 by Angus Fletcher provides the foundations for aspiring movie or TV writers with a course of 24 video lessons. Actors, singers and musicians will want to watch Mastering Stage Presence by Melanie Martin Long.

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Tamara's Picks

Have you and/or your child(ren) ever wanted to try something more classic but didn't know where to begin? Or, you love classical music, but are having a hard time getting the kids interested? Here's one place you can start - Cincinnati Public Radio's Classics For Kids! This website has all kinds of ways to Listen!, Play! and Learn! as well as great resources for parents and teachers.

All of the previous shows are also available as short podcasts. At just 6 minutes in length, you all will be enjoying (and learning about) famous composers and their music in no time. Given the unseasonably wet weather we've had lately, I recommend the Gioachino Rossini: Weather In Music episode. You'll likely recognize many of the rousing snippets offered!

Now that you all are starting to appreciate and enjoy classical music, you might be looking for more music and more ways to listen? You can access these online resources, with your library card:

Medici.tv: Classical Music Channel - offers access to the best of classical music. Stream concerts, operas, ballets, documentaries, and master classes live & on demand with some of the most prestigious concert halls, opera houses and festivals around the world. Includes performance synopses, cast information, composer details, and more. All content is available for unlimited streaming.

Music Online: Classical Music Library - an extensive multi-label database of classical music recordings. Encompasses music written from the earliest times (e.g. Gregorian Chant) to the present, including many contemporary composers. Repertoire ranges from vocal and choral music, to chamber, orchestral, solo instrumental, and opera. All content is available for unlimited streaming.

And, Freegal also has tons of classical music for children, too!

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RL's Picks

Carlo Alfredo Piatti, born on January 8, 1822 in Bergamo, Italy, was one of the most celebrated cellists of his day.

On Medici.tv, watch a Master Class on Piatti’s Caprice No.1, Op.25 with cellist Evangeline Benedetti and improve your bow technique.

Listen to Antonio Meneses play Piatti’s Caprice No.1, Op.25 with Freegal Music to catch all those notes!

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Kay's Picks

Anatomy of a Quilt from Creativebug

I've dipped my toes into a lot of crafts, but one I still know nothing about is quilting. I've been hoping to find something that was pretty basic and could explain the process of making a quilt from the beginning and this creativebug video was what I was looking for. The host is friendly and at 29 minutes it's not an overwhelming introduction. I also enjoyed this video on making a simple rainbow quilt, which is even shorter. If you're already familiar with quilting, I'd recommend creativebug's Daily Practice section, where you can explore a craft in depth over the course of a month.

Ken Burns: Prohibition

If you've got the time and patience, Kanopy has a comprehensive documentary about prohibition, which I wanted to explore since we're at the 100th anniversary of the Volstead Act taking effect. They also have a shorter playlist of videos about the Roaring 20's, and a documentary about a 1920's female daredevil.

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Adrienne's Picks

Watch Silento’s music video for Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) for a breakdown of all the fun dance moves. You too can do the stanky leg.

Part coming-of-age story, part homage to skate culture, Lupe Fiasco’s song Kick, Push is a hip-hop tale of a kid first learning how to skate and where life (and the skateboard) takes him.

Check out Sneakerheadz on Kanopy to find out everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about sneaker collecting. It’s a fascinating look at the obsessive culture of sneakers. If you are hooked on kicks, learn about the personal sneaker stories of some of the world’s most famous celebrity sneakerheads on Sneaker Shopping.

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Debra's Picks

We're all zooming now, but if you feel a little insecure, or want to learn how to do some extra things, check out this class on Lynda.com

I used Rosetta Stone to learn some basic Italian back in the old days (a few months ago) when traveling was an option, for a trip to Italy. Even though it's doubtful anyone is planning a trip in the near future, this might be a good time to learn a new language. In addition to the many foreign languages offered, English as a second language is also an option.

Check out this documentary about El Sistema, on Medici.tv the amazing national music education program in Venezuela that changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of children, and produced Gustavo Dudamel, who is now the conductor of the LA Philharmonic. Learn how to build a better society through the model of the symphony orchestra, while being uplifted by these amazing young musicians.

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Diane's Picks

This week my picks reminded me of my friend Ray's favorite expression, "don't worry, be happy," which of course may remind you of the song.

Hope these picks make you learn something new about your own happiness!

HAPPY from director Roko Belic
I learn something new every time I watch this outstanding documentary, its an all time favorite of mine! It educates, explores, and inspires toward the very thing we all want more of in our lives.

HOW YOUR BRAIN CREATES HAPPINESS is part of the Outsmart Yourself Series in the Great Courses on Kanopy, so you might want to check this one out too.

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Don's Picks

A film I constantly learn something new from is the Academy Award winning Documentary Short film, Flamenco at 5:15. Although, oddly the one thing I didn't learn was the Flamenco---although I did learn the fascinating story of how flamenco came Over the Waves: The Story of Flamenco in the U.S. from Kanopy.

There's more dancing fun National Dance Institute's joyful instructional videos explaining how some complicated dancing, like clogging, is actually pretty simple.

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Movies & Music - Question of the Week

In the film Julie & Julia, blogger Julie challenges herself to master French cuisine by preparing every recipe in this Julia Child cookbook.

In the film Julie & Julia, blogger Julie challenges herself to master French cuisine by preparing every recipe in this Julia Child cookbook.
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In the film Julie & Julia, blogger Julie challenges herself to master French cuisine by preparing every recipe in this Julia Child cookbook.

  • The Joy of Cooking
  • Mastering the Art of French Cooking
  • Betty Crocker Cookbook
  • The French Chef Cookbook
  • Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom

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