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Stay Cool

Tamara's Picks

Thinking about our theme, Stay Cool, brought to mind a song from my summer camp days, the Cool Cat Cheer. Looking around online, I found a version of Cool Cat, opens a new window reworked for library programs by the Jbrary, opens a new window duo (they have so many great storytime songs and activities!) that you can do with your kiddos at home.

Knowing that far less kids are attending camp this summer, I wanted to share some albums of camp songs to help bring that experience home!

For a host of traditional songs, you can check out Camp Songs, opens a new window by Ella Jenkins & Friends. Camps Songs, opens a new window is also available for download or streaming through Freegal, opens a new window.

KB Whirly gives us some newer and more rockin' ditties with his album, also titled Camp Songs , opens a new window(Vol. 1).

Lisa Loeb also put together a toe-tapping, rockin' album of summer fun, Camp Lisa, opens a new window.

Lastly, Let's Go! Travel, Camp and Car Songs, opens a new window from Susie Tallman & Friends will have the whole family boppin' along, whether you're traveling near or far.

All albums can be placed on hold for curbside, opens a new window or walk-up service, at your local library.

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Adrienne's Picks

“Cool It Now”, opens a new window by New Edition, opens a new window

Their Gold, opens a new window album combines your favorite New Edition jams with some of their biggest solo career hits, including my personal favorite — “Every Little Step” by Bobby Brown, opens a new window

Crazy Sexy Cool, opens a new window by TLC, opens a new window

This album is the prototype of '90s R&B. Listen to CrazySexyCool, opens a new window and more TLC, opens a new window on Freegal, opens a new window.

“Movin’ Cool (The After Party)” by OutKast, opens a new window

Speaking of prototypes, opens a new window, “Movin’ Cool (The After Party)” was a new track introduced on the rap duo’s greatest hits album Big Boi and Dre Present... Outkast, opens a new window and epitomized their eclectic hip-hop sound. Stream/download the unedited album, opens a new window (and more OutKast, opens a new window on Freegal, opens a new window

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RL's Picks

Stay cool with John Travolta and his COOL characters:
Danny Zuko in Grease, opens a new window,
Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction, opens a new window,
and Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever, opens a new window.

Diane's Picks

Keep cool and go to the ocean with a couple of rad movies about surfers. Both are based on real life events too, so gnarly!

SOUL SURFER, opens a new window is about Bethany Hamilton’s epic story and her quest to be a surfing champion, totally inspiring.

Then there is CHASING MAVERICKS, opens a new window which actually takes place in close-by Half Moon Bay. It’s an awesome story and even has its own soundtrack, opens a new window.

Dude, you’ll be totally stoked watching these movies, stay cool.


P.S. and I'm sharing my research, opens a new window with you too, just in case you mistakenly thought I AM A SURFER  😄

Terye's Picks

Watching a nice sweet movie is a fantastic way to calm down, and stay cool. I found re-watching Babe to be the perfect way for me to just chill and enjoy the calm.
Babe , opens a new window

Pierce Brosnan narrates this documentary on the beauty and wonder of the ocean. Watching the soft water, the graceful fish, is so so cool.
Oceans , opens a new window

When I think of staying cool, for some reason Spike Lee comes to mind. His opening shots of his movies have always been…cool! When deciding on a movie from Mr. Lee, I came across this CD. When Spike Lee was making He Got Game, he decided to use the music of Mr. Copland, and it fit perfectly with his cinematography
He Got Game : Spike Lee Presents the Music of Aaron Copland , opens a new window

For your listening pleasure….
Fanfare for the Common Man, opens a new window

Debra's Picks

OK, it's too darn hot, opens a new window, but these guys and gals are pretty darn cool!  Download Cole Porter's "It's Too Darn Hot", opens a new window from Kiss Me Kate , opens a new windowon Freegal, opens a new window or check out the cd., opens a new window

Are you feeling anxious and irritable with everything going on this summer? Take Leonard Bernstein , opens a new windowand Stephen Sondheim's , opens a new windowadvice on how to handle that - listen to "Cool", opens a new window , from West Side Story, opens a new window. Download it on Freegal, opens a new window or get the cd., opens a new window

There's no snow or ice in Jamaica, but that didn't stop this Jamaican bobsled team from competing in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Cool Runnings, opens a new window is a funny and inspiring family film based on true events.

Can you believe this same Winter Olympics inspired another unlikely hero? It's the somewhat untalented but determined British ski jumper Eddie the Eagle, opens a new window, who ignored the naysayers, and took on the establishment to represent Britain in the Calgary Olympics. Watch this endearing comedy with the whole family.

Before 1988, there was the "miracle on ice" when the US team beat the undefeated Soviet team in the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics, one of the greatest upsets in sports history. Watch the moving and inspiring retelling in Miracle, opens a new window, starring Kurt Russell as the coach.

If you're curious about how that Soviet team lost, and what happened to them after, there's a riveting documentary about the Soviet Union and the most successful dynasty in sports history: the Red Army hockey team. Red Army , opens a new windowshows the devastating transformation of team captain Slava Fetisov from national hero to political enemy. I don't know the first thing about hockey, and am the least sports minded person possible, but this film was fascinating!

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Kay's Picks

A lot of people would agree that a nice cold beer on a hot summer day is a great thing. Curious how that came to be? Kanopy has a documentary you may find interesting (I did!) called The American Brew, opens a new window. If you're eager for more carbonated knowledge, Crafting a Nation, opens a new window tells a similar story about the rise of American craft beer after the Great Recession. Both films are available on Kanopy., opens a new window

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Anne's Picks

Wolf Alice's debut album My Love is Cool , opens a new windowis sparkly, smooth alternative pop/rock. My favorite tracks are "Bros," "Soapy Water," and "The Wonderwhy."

From Kanopy, opens a new window:
On Kanopy, check out this series of amazing public space architecture in North America in Cool Spaces, opens a new window. I'm partial to the episode on libraries, natch!

What could be cooler than East Bay Punk? Turn it Around: the Story of Easy Bay Punk takes us on a journey through 30 years of the SF Bay Area's punk music history with a central focus on the emergence of the inspiring 924 Gilman Street collective. The film features clips and interviews from major figures of the era including Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong.

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Don's Picks

When it's hot at night, one of the things that helps me stay cool (besides ice water) is hearing a cool tune wafting on the night breeze.

These tracks cool me down from the heat of summer.

"Summer Madness", opens a new window by the great Kool and the Gang, opens a new window (this track is sampled on Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince's "Summertime," this week's featured video).  "Summer Madness" is featured on the soundtrack album Hit & Run, opens a new window as well as other great Kool and the Gang, opens a new window hits available for streaming or downloading on Freegal., opens a new window

"Baker Street", opens a new window by Gerry Rafferty, opens a new window features arguably the coolest saxophone solo in pop music.

Finally, a movie, opens a new window that will alternately elevate the pulse and cool you down with copious amounts of ice and snow, check out the thrilling, Oscar winning The Man Who Skied Down Everest., opens a new window

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Jeff's Picks

Who is cooler than Miles Davis, opens a new window? Endlessly creative, restless and collaborative, he constantly reinvented his sound by working with a big variety of established and younger emerging musicians. Cool Jazz emerged as a response to the aggressive hot jazz of the 1930s and 1940s and Miles’ 1950 album Birth of the Cool marks a turning point away from the brash and bold and towards more introspective, nuanced playing. Check out the Birth of the Cool CD, opens a new window or listen to the complete album, opens a new window using Music Online: Jazz Music Library, opens a new window. Learn about Miles Davis’s remarkable career by checking out the excellent 2020 documentary Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool, opens a new window (available on DVD) or episode 8 of Ken Burn’s Jazz: Risk, which focuses on Miles Davis (on DVD, opens a new window or streaming, opens a new window through Kanopy, opens a new window.)

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Movies & Music - Question of the Week

Although their song “Cruel Summer” was featured in 1984’s Karate Kid, this group did not allow the song to be included on the film’s soundtrack.

Although their song “Cruel Summer” was featured in 1984’s Karate Kid, this group did not allow the song to be included on the film’s soundtrack.
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Although their song “Cruel Summer” was featured in 1984’s Karate Kid, this group did not allow the song to be included on the film’s soundtrack.

  • The Bangles
  • The Go-Go’s
  • The B-52's
  • Bananarama
  • Blondie

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