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Hooray for President’s Day!

As we celebrate President's Day, we can gain insight into the character and personalities of the men who served as our Commanders-in-Chief.  This booklist has stories that go beyond chopping down cherry trees, growing a beard, or starring in a movie with a chimpanzee.   A father promises his daughters a new dog when they…
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February Book of the Month

Just Breathe 338 Pages, Grades 9+ When David’s chronic illness takes a turn for the worse, he is admitted to the hospital where he meets Jamie during her rotation as a “Smile Awhile” volunteer.  David is popular, outgoing, and lives with cystic fibrosis, which he downplays to his peers. Jamie is shy, lonely, and struggles…
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Check Out 2020 Youth Award Winners!

On Monday, American Library Association announced several awards for children's literature. Newbery Award: New Kid by Jerry Craft and Illustrated by Jim Callahan This is the first time a graphic novel has been given this award. The Newbery Medal is given to the most outstanding contribution to American children's literature published in 2019. Newbery Honor…
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