Campbell Library Community Room Usage

Please read and adhere to the following when using the Campbell Community Room:


  • Should include time to set up and restore the room.
  • May be made up to 90 days in advance, on a first come, first served basis.
  • If the meeting is cancelled, please notify the library by calling the Adult Reference Desk at 408-866-1991 ext. 3211 during library open hours.

Frequency of Use

  • Groups (a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 100 people) may use the room once a month.
  • Meetings sponsored by the library of the City of Campbell have priority use of the meeting room.

Use of the Room

  • The person who has booked the room should check in at the Adult Reference Desk on the lower level of the library upon arrival.
  • Please make sure attendees enter and exit through the library's public doors.
  • The group is responsible for arranging the chairs and tables before the meeting and for putting the chairs and tables back after the meeting.
  • Noise level should be appropriate for a library.
  • Please pick up any trash and place it in a trash can or take it with you.
  • Nothing should be posted on walls or doors, and all windows should remain closed.
  • Please ask for assistance in adjusting the room temperature.
  • Please turn out the lights, close the doors, and notify the library staff when you leave.
  • Groups shall provide any equipment needed beyond the tables, chairs, television, screen, and lectern that are included with use of the room.
  • High voltage equipment is not allowed.
  • Wireless Internet is available with a Santa Clara County library card and PIN (personal identification number).
  • Restrooms are available across the hall from the meeting room.