Your County Library Card Can Get You into Local Museums for FREE with Discover & Go!

Use Discover & Go for Free Museum Passes

Did you know that you could print free and discounted passes to museums around the Bay Area?  With your Santa Clara County library card, go to  to access passes through Discover and Go.  Search for attractions by date or location.  Here is a sample of attractions that are available:  California Academy of Sciences (SF), Cartoon Art Museum (SF), Children's Creativity Museum (SF), CuriOdyssey (San Mateo), de Young Museum (SF), Exploratorium (SF), Lawrence Hall of Science (Berkeley), Oakland Zoo, Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Seymour Marine Discovery Center (Santa Cruz), or Tech Museum of Innovation (San Jose).

Let's explore one adventure your family could have at the CuriOdyssey at Coyote Point in San Mateo!  After printing a free pass for a child age 2-12 through Discover and Go, arrive at CuriOdyssey with parking near the entrance.  Enter CuriOdyssey's building to explore hands-on science experiments.  Head outside for animal feedings, watch the animal keepers do enrichment activities with the animals, or enjoy the outdoor theater.  Walk through the aviary and turtle pond.  Get up close to the barn owls, ravens and vultures, golden eagles, newts, frogs, snakes, slugs, river otters, raccoons, bobcats, gray foxes, striped skunks and snakes.  Enjoy a picnic within the complex or head outside to the picnic and playground area.  End the day with a hike down to the beach if you wish.

Before or after you go on your adventure, come to the library and check out some books about animals!


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