Woof! Woof! It’s a Dog Storytime, No. 20

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Read Some Dog-Gone Good Picture Books

Bobo and the New Baby

Bark, George

Wake Up, Color Pup

E-Book:  Bobo and the New Baby

Fingerplays, songs, and stories to BARK about:

If You're A Dog & You Know It 

(To the tune: If You're Happy and You Know It)

If you're a dog and know it, wag your tail . . . (wag, wag).

If you're a dog and know it, wag your tail . . . (wag, wag). 

If you're a dog and know it,

and you really want to show it,

If you're a dog and know it, wag your tail . . . (wag, wag). 

Additional verses:

If you're a dog and you know it, dig a hole . . . (dig, dig).

If you're a dog and know it, give a bark . . . (woof, woof).

If you're a dog and know it, do all three . . . (wag, wag, dig, dig, woof, woof).

Pre-Literacy Tip - What Dogs Can Bring Our Children

Dogs can be a wonderful addition to a child's life, provided the family (the grown-ups) are okay with the effort to own and care for dogs. Here are some advantages to think about - From the Drake Center for Veterinary Care - 

#1 A Life Lesson in Responsibility – taking care of a living being (feeding, bathing, playing) 

#2 Kids Who Grow Up With Dogs are Healthier (build immune system, helps with allergies, skin problems) 

#3 Better Emotional Intelligence - Caring for another life will require your child to become a more compassionate individual. Feeding or walking them, at times they may have other things they would rather be doing, will mean that they have to step outside of themselves, and practice being selfless. 

#4 More Play and Exercise  children who have a dog in the home exercise an average of 11 minutes more per day 

#5 Therapy


  • Dog provides sense of security 
  • Decrease meltdowns 
  • Decrease anxiety and acts of aggression 
  • Increased willingness to try new things 
  • Increased ability to face fearful situation 
  • Increases social interaction due to the dog being an ice breaker and taking the focus off the child’s disability 
  • Encourages verbal communication, increased vocabulary 


  • Dogs help create consistency and a routine 
  • Provides an outlet for excess energy to help aid in hyperactivity 
  • Dogs help children cope with isolation and depression 

See you in storytime, Lauren


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