What Your Library Account Can Do For You

The library catalog at SCCLD.org gives you access to an abundance of online materials from wherever you are with an Internet connection. The catalog also gives you some great tools to help you manage your library account and your usage of library materials. You can create a variety of lists to help keep track of your reading, listening, and viewing. The library catalog can remember what you have borrowed, what you would like to read/hear/watch in the future, or what you’ve already read, listened to, or watched.

These tools can be useful by giving you a record of the books you’ve already read in a series, or which films or music the library has by your favorite performer. You can also create topical lists to share with other people (or to keep private). All you need to do is log in to your library account and click on the “My SCCLD” link. Here is a list of the options available to you:

Your Borrowing History

Did you know that you can keep track of all the items you check out? That way you’ll have a record of that great book you read last fall or that movie you loved (or hated). Unfortunately, you can only keep track of things you’ve borrowed once you turn the feature on. To do so, log in and go to "My Settings" to activate your "Borrowing History."

Your ‘For Later’ Shelf

Maybe you’re searching the catalog for something and, as you scan the pages, you come across a title that sounds great! Unfortunately, you’ve already got a stack of books on your nightstand, but you want to remember the title for later. What can you do? Put it on your “For Later” shelf by logging in to your account and simply clicking the “For Later” link next to the item in the catalog. Now you have a list ready when you don’t know what to read (or watch or listen to) next. And you can place holds on these items from right inside your list.

Your ‘Completed’ Shelf

We’ve learned that your borrowing history only works from the moment you turn it on, and we have another option for you to use to keep track of books you’ve read, music you’ve listened to, or videos you’ve watched. Just log in to your account and add the item to your “Completed” shelf. That way you will be able to find out which of Anne Perry’s or Stuart Woods’ or JD Robb’s hundreds of books you have already read.

Your ‘In Progress’ Shelf

You can also add items to an “In Progress” shelf. If you are working on a big project or doing research for a report and you want to keep track of a long list of items that could be useful, you might find this shelf helpful. You can refer back to it while creating a bibliography or citing a source.

Your Lists

This is a good place to create a list of titles on particular topics or for particular purposes. You can create a list of books on woodworking, or your favorite exercise DVDs, or music CDs to play at your next Halloween party. You can choose to make your lists public so other patrons can see them, or keep them private - just for you. Maybe you have some expertise and you’d like to recommend library materials on a particular topic. Or, on second thought, maybe no one else needs to know that you’re working on your abs!