We Love You Earth!

There are so many ways you can celebrate Earth Day this month with SCCLD.  

Families can join us in celebrating Earth Day with our Recycled Art Challenge! There are various simple crafts you can make with recyclables. Make a car or a birdhouse using a cereal box, a wreath using an egg carton, or a robot using tin cans. The possibilities are endless! Children can turn in photos of their recyclable art for a chance to win a prize. For more information, visit the Facebook event post. 

You could also celebrate by reading a great book about Earth. Check out some of our ebooks highlighting the different parts we love about Earth. We have wonderful books about animals like Sea Otter, Lucky Leopards!, Polar Bears and the Arctic and Bringing Back the Wolves. Or you can learn about the scientist working with hyenas in The Hyena Scientist. You can also take some time and read about our admirable Rain Forests

Families can also take a break from remote learning and watch some kid-friendly movies and shows such as The Curious Garden, Don't Pollute, Wild Kratts, and/or Zoboomafoo through OverDrive or Kanopy Kids.

Happy Earth Day!