TEDxYouth@TorreAve Virtual Teen TEDx Event

TEDxYouth@TorreAve Virtual Teen TEDx Event
Sunday, June 7th 2020 @ 2PM (PT)
This is a virtual event that will take place on Facebook Live and Zoom

TEDxYouth@TorreAvenue unites the global network of high school students in Cupertino through the power of ideas. Staffed and run entirely by Cupertino Teen Advisory Board and Cupertino Teen Commission, TEDxYouth@TorreAvenue aims to showcase the biggest ideas by filling the gaps created by misinformation and social barriers.

In it’s second year, TEDxYouth@TorreAvenue is pleased to feature the following teen speakers and topics including:

Opening statement “Inspiration” by Eesha R.
Inspiration is a powerful word because even just moments of inspiration can do so much. TedX
provides a platform to feel inspired and to inspire others. Together with the help of our community, our library, schools, students, and organizers, we have come together to share our insights and inspire each other.

The Importance of Biculturalism by Neha W.
In an increasingly diversified world, people often overlook the importance of being bicultural. Neha will highlight what cultural awareness is, its benefits, and ways to develop it.

The Psychology Behind Climate Change by Shanlea K.
As citizens, we are constantly inundated with statistics about climate change that don’t motivate us to change our behavior. By understanding the psychology behind our actions, we can take action against one of humanity's most pressing threats.

The Bubble of Silicon Valley by Srutika S.
 Srutika explains how growing up in Silicon Valley can be a conflicting whirlwind of an experience. With the influence of the tech industries and the competitive spirit, students struggle to find a balance that allows them to prosper.

Generation Z Making an Impact by Samvi R.
A truly digital native, Generation Z, is the most informed, evolved, and empathetic generation of its kind. In this presentation Samvi R. speaks about how Generation Z can build applause worthy products, resulting in a positive impact.

Navigating the Social Media Minefield by Aniruddh S.
In this presentation, Aniruddh will talk about a few of the most common ways people get taken advantage of on social media, with key examples illustrating such subterfuges, and provides a timely reminder to stay vigilant when using online tools.

Special thanks to the City of Cupertino, the Cupertino Library and the Friends of the Cupertino Library for making this event possible.