Super Silly Storytime! No. 5

Storytime is silly-time with Episode 5 Super Silly of the Storytime Seedlings Podcast! 

1. Listen to the Podcast - Episode 5 - Super Silly - Storytime Seedlings 

2. Laugh and Be Silly Picture Books 


Let's Sing A Lullaby With the Brave Cowboy


3. Super-silly Fingerplays, songs and stories:

Anna Mariah

Jumped in the fire.

Fire was so hot,

She jumped into a pot.

Pot was so small,

She jumped on a ball.

Ball was so round,

She jumped on the ground.

Ground was so flat,

She jumped on the cat.

Cat was so scared,

She jumped on a chair.

Chair was so big,

She jumped on a pig.

Pig was so pink,

She jumped in the sink.

Sink was so narrow,

She jumped in a wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrow was so red,

She jumped into bed.

Good night, Anna Mariah!



Note on Anna Mariah: This nonsense rhyme is fun to read as a call and response. Start by reading it with your child, pointing to each picture as you say the rhyme. Read it again and point to each picture and let your child say the rhyme associated with the picture. Finally, read then pause and have the child call out the rhyme and/or point to the picture.

Source: Multicultural Folktales: Stories to Tell Young Children by Judy Sierra

4. Early Literacy Tip:  The Importance of Being Silly

Humor is serious business — it’s a tool for bonding with
your child, as it relieves pressure and anxiety, wards off
sickness and teaches coping skills. Being silly opens the
blood flow to the brain—for better learning, retention
and comprehension.

So–it’s good to be silly!

      See you at Storytime! Lauren


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