Summer Reading is Here! Beach Reads Without The Beach

Summer Reading is here! Have you signed up yet? This year is going to be a little different since signups, and all Summer Reading activities will have to be virtual for everybody's safety. But that won't stop us. We hope it won't stop you, either.

Beach reads are a summertime classic. Even though this summer, we might have to rely on our imaginations to supply the beach. Put on your summer clothes, get a cool drink, and take a look at some books to get you in that relaxed summertime beach reading frame of mind.

Fun Summer Reads

It's June! Read as if you're at the beach, even when you're not. A reading list for adults and young adults.

A literary novelist and a popular romance novelist, each battling writer's block rent beach cottages next to one another one summer. They meet and make a remarkable bargain to break out of their respective creative ruts: they'll each try writing a novel in the other's genre.

Juliette, lives in Paris, but has a dead end job, and has never dated quite the right person for her. Every day on her way to work, she entertains herself by thinking up stories about the people she sees on the Metro, reading books. Then Juliette meets a reclusive bookseller, Soliman and his daughter, Zaide. Soliman gives Juliette a stack of books from his store, and tells her to try to match the books to the right readers.

Every Friday after prayers, an anonymous narrator sends out another installment of the story of four young women living in the Saudi Arabian city of Riyadh. Gamrah, Michelle, Sadeem, and Lamees, women of an elite social class, negotiate their love lives, their professional successes, and their rebellions, large and small, against their cultural traditions

Nate Jae-Woo Kim is offered a huge sum of money by a classmate to commit grade fraud. Nate needs the money, but avoids the temptation to sell out his integrity when he is convinced to enter a weekend-long survivalist competition with his friend and co-worker, Kate. Together, they have a real chance to win, but can they resist the temptation to fall in love?

Rainie is a High School Senior who doesn't have her life anywhere near figured out. One day in drama class, she hears a handsome classmate, Tuck, deliver a monologue that puts all of her feelings into words, and she is entranced. She manages to get a summer job where Tuck is also employed so she can meet and date him. But Milo also works there, and it turns out, he actually wrote the monologue Rainie loved. Rainie is now even more confused about what to do next

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