Stories That Teach Children to Try, Try Again


There are many wonderful picture books that show children how to persevere and learn from mistakes. Let kids see that everyone, adults included, makes errors. They can even change their minds. It can be liberating not to be perfect or right all the time. 

Encourage kids to try new things, foods, games, etcetera.  Be a role model and try a new activity with them. Something like the hula hoop, dancing, cooking or juggling.  Laugh together as it may turn out too be a complete disaster at least initially. 

This is a list of mostly picture books that show characters learning to be resilient.


For a little girl who dreams of building and designing things, failures must be learned from--not feared.

Even imaginary friends sometimes find it difficult to find another being to bond with.

After what happened to him the first time, do you thing Humpty Dunpty ever too up wall climbing again? He does love being close to the birds.

Just one little dot, really an impatient scribble can be the beginning of an amazing creative journey. For everyone who has ever complained but I can't draw!

Lou is an amazing girl, but sadly tree climbing isn't in her skill set. What should her friends do when she can't play pirate-in-the-tree?

Jabari has practiced and prepared to jump off the high dive at his local pool. His father is right there with him giving his hand a little squeeze of encouragement. Will Jabari make a splash?

The illustrator of this title pays particular attention to faces registering thrills of victory and the agony of defeat.

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