Stop Motion Animation STEAM Program

Join us on Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 3 pm at to learn how to make you own stop motion animation video!

What is a stop motion animation video?  With free software on your smart phone, iPad, or computer, you can make your toys come alive in a movie!  You move your toys a little at a time and take photos.  Then, all the photos are put together to make a video.  It looks like your toys are moving on their own!

Ms. Chris will show you different ways to make your video.  Then, try it out!  You will need to download free stop motion software such as Stop Motion Studio, iMotion or Stikbot onto your device.  Gather toys, Legos, or clay to be in the video.  Enhance your movies by making a background using a large piece of cardboard or paper and markers.

Watch the video below for a sample of a stop motion video!  The wizard wants to change the frog into a dog.  He uses his magic wand, but changes the frog into other animals instead!  Finally, the wizard decides to change the dragon back into the frog.  (Click on the name to download, then click on the downloaded file.)

Wizard-Stop Motion