Staying Connected While Distancing

For many of us, staying home is a new and challenging prospect. Whether you are a parent, student, retired, or working, staying connected can be complicated. We are in the midst of learning new technology related to distance learning and working remotely, while taking advantage of older technology like the telephone and sending letters and care packages. We are also finding balance between being productive and being social.

There have definitely been some creative ideas put forth in the past few weeks. We've seen Zoom book clubs, virtual coffee breaks, online gaming groups, FaceTime chats with friends and family, and of course our very own virtual library programs via Facebook. Perhaps you’ve taken part in some of them? Have a look at the articles below to see what others are doing to stay connected at home and work.

Staying Connected While Staying Home, National Council on Aging:

 How Coworkers are Staying Connected While They Work From Home,

 Strategic Plan for Working at Home: Stay Connected, UC Berkeley News:

Here's a bonus list of downloadable ebooks and audiobooks available in our virtual library:

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