Stay at Home December-Experience Hygge

As we shelter in place this December, learn how to put a little hygge in your life with the book, The Little Book of Hygge-Danish Secrets to Happy Living by Meik Wiking.  Wiking is the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. 

Hygge is pronounced hoo-ga.  As Wiking's explains in this book, hygge is enjoying life's simple pleasures, sense of comfort, togetherness, and well-being.  This is the perfect time to get inspired to be in a positive frame of mind with this book.  

Wiking states that you know hygge when you feel it.  Here are some examples:

  • Cuddle up on the sofa with a loved one.
  • Be in gratitude and savor the simple pleasures in life.
  • Share comfort foods with your closest friends (this may have to wait for a while).
  • Make memories to cherish and build relationships with the people who matter to you (even over Zoom).
  • Balance life and work.  Know when to stop working for the day.
  • Get comfy.  Take a break.
  • Turn down the lights.  Bring out the candles.
  • Befriend yourself more fully.  
  • Make home more cozy perhaps by bringing nature indoors with flowers, twigs, and pine cones.
  • Create an atmosphere pleasing to your senses.

Meik Wiking has written three books to inspire happy living.  Click on the title in the second column for the SCCLD record.

The Little Gook of Hygge-Danish Secrets to Happy Living This book gives examples of hygge.  Recipes included.  SCCLD has this in book, large print, audiobook, e-book, and downloadable audiobook.
The Little Book of Lykke-Secrets of the World's Happiest People Lykke means happiness.  This book focuses more on community as a whole and contains lots of anecdotes.  SCCLD has the book, audiobook, e-book, and downloadable audiobook.
The Art of Making Memories-How to Create and Remember Happy Moments This book is more of a memoir of Meik Wiking.  Wiking explores how we can learn to create happy memories and do better at holding onto them.  Get the book, audiobook, e-book, or downloadable audio from the SCCLD catalog.

All of these books are short reads.  I recommend listening to Meik Wiking read the books in the audiobook.  His sense of humor pours through with good pacing.