September Book of the Month-This Poison Heart

This Poison Heart

Grades 9 and up

373 pages

Briseis Greene is a high school student with magical powers. She can grow plants from tiny seeds into large blooms and bring dying plants back to life. While she is curious about the extent of her powers, she is also trying to keep them secret from her friends. Bri is surprised to learn that she has inherited a house in upstate New York from her birth mother’s sister that she did not know.  Bri and her parents want a break from the city, so they decide to try the house out for the summer.  When they get there however, they find it has a hidden past, has a garden full of some of the deadliest plants in the world (which Bri is immune to), and even more secrets they must uncover. This book is filled with suspense, magic, and Greek mythology.  Briseis must figure out who is actually on her side and discover her family’s secrets before it’s too late.

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