Science Journal Has a New Look With the Same Excellent Peer-Reviewed Information!

The Science Journal from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) was first published in 1880 with funding from Thomas Edison. This publication has since become one of the most cited scientific journals. Since 1997, this journal has been available online, publishes weekly articles, and features peer-reviewed articles by leading scientists and Nobel Prize recipients. 

Science Journal features a variety of journals:

Science AAAS (1997 - Present) is a leading outlet for scientific news, research and information. This publication seeks to advance scientific understanding and consistently ranks among the world’s most cited research.
Science Immunology is an online peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the research of scientists within the immunology field. You can look to this resource for information about biology, antigen presentation, innate and adaptive immunology and much more.
Science Robotics explores the world of robots as they become more ubiquitous in our lives. Whether it’s deep sea-exploration or within the medical office, this publication covers the latest advancements in robotics with research in emerging fields, large systems, nanobots and much more.
Science Signaling is the most up-to-date resource for research on the field of cellular signaling. 
Science Translational Medicine is the leading online journal for the latest research advances on biomedical, translational, and clinical researchers in the field of transitional research. 

A recent update to this platform includes an improved experience with a website redesign including more article tools, clearer navigation and better display of figures and photos. If you want a premier source for the latest peer-review publication on science, you can use your Santa Clara County Library District 24/7 to access the Science Journal from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Are you interested in other science topics and research? With your Santa Clara County Library District library card, you also have access to Cell (1995 - Present) which is a peer-reviewed scientific journal with research papers on a variety of science topics like cell biology, cancer research, neuroscience and more. If your school-age child is interested in science, our library system just launched Scholastic ScienceFlix which brings science education to students with hands-on scientific experiments, in-depth STEM careers exploration, and interactive videos, articles and lesson plans. 

You can access all of this and more online 24/7 with your Santa Clara County Library card. Apply for one today!