Scary Stories for Young Foxes (Children Are Allowed As Well)

Scary Stories for Young Foxes - Heidicker, Christian McKay
Scary Stories for Young Foxes 

Let me begin by saying that I do not normally read collections of short stories. I need time and space to let a volume enter my mind, permeate my senses, and gradually win me over. I like the kind of story telling and world building that can only take place with more than just a couple pages. "Scary Stories for Young Foxes" by Christian McKay Heidicker is more than just a patch work of vignettes put together by an author. There is an overarching plot that connects every story told; the characters are intertwined and that leaves the reader invested and compelled to finish the book, rather than stopping any time a story has finished. Heidicker does an excellent job of building suspense in his book. There were moments when I found myself reading with baited breath, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Some of the twists and surprises caught me off guard and made for an entertaining reading experience. Language rich with imagery makes up Heidicker's prose and allows the reader to become completely immersed in a world where foxes learn about themselves almost as much as they learn about their surroundings. The world has a lot going on right now, and this book is a welcome distraction.

Available as an eBook on the Libby/OverDrive apps.