Round 3 of the Teen Book Battle – 8 Books Standing

Voting Begins for Round 3 of the 2020 Teen Book Battle

A titanic tussle between great books occurred in round 2 and a lot of the newer novels were stopped by long time favorites.  The only 2019 novel to make it to Round 3 is Stronger than a Bronze Dragon.  Will it persist against popular and acclaimed That Hate U Give?  What will happen in the matches between other favorites?  

You get to decided!  Vote here for Round 3

Here is the schedule for the rest of the voting:

Round 3 Voting on weeks of June 29 and July 6.

Round 4 Voting on weeks of July 13 and July 20

Final Round of voting on July 27 and the winning book announced on August 3.

Check out the titles still standing.

Round 3 Teen Book Battle 2020

Round 3 match against The Book Thief. Round two win against Warhead. Round one win against These Witches Don't Burn.

Round 3 match against Paper Towns. Round two win against Are You Listening?. Round one win against Aurora Rising.

Round 3 match against Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon. Round two win against Wilder Girls. Round one win against The Beast Player.

Round 3 match against The Hate U Give. Round two win against Pumpkinheads. Round one win against Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic.

Round 3 match against The Selection. Round two win against Lovely War. Round one win against Stolen Time.

Round 3 match against The Sun is Also a Star. Round two win against We Hunt the Flame. Round one win against Broken Throne: A Red Queen Collection.

Round 3 match against The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Round two win against Opposite of Always. Round one win against Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me.

Round 3 match against Speak. Round two win against The Memory Thief. Round one win against Wayward Son.

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